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STMPO is Who We Are

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Jason Carnes and Lenny Kilgour bmx racing STMPO

Lenny Kilgour

STMPO Team Rider

From Canada, racing many years. He also rides a MTB and says Eh? a lot. 

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Dustin Golden BMX Racing STMPO

Dustin Golden

STMPO Team Rider

Lives in Oregon. Eats a lot of cheeseburgers and races when he cans. Use to build tracks, now he makes tires in a tire factory. 

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Dustin Golden BMX STMPO Man legend Oregon
Greg Leasure BMX Racing STMPO
Greg Leasure BMX Racing STMPO Dancing Bear

Greg Leasure

STMPO Team Rider

Hawaiian rider from Hawaii. Races all over the BMX World. Runs some USA BMX races and eats spam and eggs. 

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